Dugald Stewart Monument


The first thing to notice before you climb the steps to Nelson’s Monument is a plaque on your right that is dedicated to Saint Wolodymyr The Great Ruler of Ukraine. This plaque marks 1000 years of Christianity in Ukraine from 988 to 1988 and was placed by Ukrainians in Scotland.

A short stroll up the steps leads you to the Dugald Stewart Monument. This was built in 1831 and was designed by William Henry Playfair, who was one of the greatest Scottish architects of the 19th Century. This Monument commemorates Dugald Stewart, who was one of the key players of the Scottish Enlightenment and rose to fame as a writer and philosopher. William Playfair modelled the Monument on the ancient Greek Monument of Lysicrates in Athens.

This Monument features on many popular photos of the Edinburgh skyline. Sunsets over Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle with this Monument featured are unmissable, and any photos you take here will be the envy of your Instagram followers.