The Portuguese Cannon


The Portuguese Cannon can be found behind you as you stand at the Dugald Stewart Monument and is a brass cannon that has travelled all over the world. This was one of six cannons that once sat on Calton Hill. The others were melted down in 1940 to supply metal for World War II.

It was cast in the early 15th Century and features the Royal Arms of Spain on its barrel. The cannon was transported to the Portuguese colonies in southeast Asia some time before 1785. The King of Arakan, ruler of a state on the west coast of Burma, came in to possession of it and it was subsequently captured by the British during their invasion of Burma in 1885.

The cannon was presented to Edinburgh in 1886 and placed on Calton Hill the following year.

This also offers you the opportunity to take spectacular photos over the cannon pointing towards the Castle and Balmoral Hotel.