Scott Dixon was recommended to me by a fellow writer, and I am very grateful for that – he did an excellent job of getting my book ‘Never Bet on Red: how to pay off your debt fast and live debt free forever’ published.

Shortly after deciding to self-publish my book, I realised that my previous experience is redundant – I was used to submitting a manuscript and letting my academic published look after the rest. All I knew was that I need an outstanding editor, a publisher understanding the technical aspect of the job, and a graphic designer to create a cover page drawing the eye – just thinking of coordinating all that brought cold sweat to my brow.

Then I hired Scott whose competence set combines all I needed. Scott edited my book, designed the cover, prepared for publication, and published an electronic and paper version, and it was also a pleasure to work with him. There were no delays, no slips, and no messing about – only a high-quality publishing experience.

Would I work with Scott again? You bet I will.